So when I started this blog, I was a brand new mommy with a brand new little baby, and a very busy job. Things were very hard for me. I was not happy at work from the day I went back, until my last day. I was not made to be away from my baby. It's that simple. Some women want to keep a full time job. I do not.

I've now been home nearly 6 months. Baby girl is 18.5 months now. Several of my other first time mommy friends have either already had baby number two, or he's on the way. All of them have had, or are having boys! So fun.

How do you prepare for that? How do you make room for another child? In your heart I mean? I hear this dilemma from a lot of new moms. "How can I love another baby as much as I love this one?" Or "I feel like I'm 'cheating' on my baby by having another one."

I have to admit. I have these same thoughts. I love cosleeping with my baby. I love that we are still nursing. I love that frankly, I don't have to share, and neither does she. We want to have another... But when is the right time? I don't want to cut short my time with her. I don't want to have to wean before she's ready.

So... Those of you who have taken the plunge..... How did you know it was the right time??

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