So while I was pregnant, I did a pretty dang good job of eating healthy. I am not a petite girl, so I gained some weight. But really, it wasn't terrible. 10 days post partum, I had lost 2/3's of it.

Well... I've found it again. Crap. Between the stress of work and being a working mom, interrupted sleep cycles, and a wonderful husband who often has the appetite of a teenage boy, I don't stand a chance.

And I breastfeed! A lot! The baby really has very little interest in food. She likes milk. So I am pumping at work, nursing still at night... Arrrrrgh. Still just not getting any thinner.

So what to do?? I just went shopping and bought 3 shirts that I thought would be loose fitting and comfortable. I'm going to have to wear 14 pairs of spanx to make them loose at all. Which would make things very complex when the baby gets hungry. How embarrassing. Disgusting really.

I came to terms with my stretch marks months ago. Whatever. I don't care about that. But this potbelly thing I've got going on is just SUPER uncomfortable. This is just good old fashioned weight gain at this point. I wonder if I'm one of those women who holds on to weight while nursing....

I know this post is kind of boring, but I've just got to vent. I just feel gross. Wish I could get myself just a little more "together" than this. It's tough to feel completely unattractive on top of everything else I'm trying to accomplish in a day.

Oh well. Maybe next year I can make some progress. Maybe next year.....

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