Big girl!

So little britches is crawling.... And teething... And pulling up.... And jabbering.... And being adorable. She is very busy these days. Her daddy and I are just more and more enamored with her with each passing day.

There is the issue, however, of gymnastics. This baby does gymnastics at ALL the wrong times. Nursing.... Diapering... Sleeping... Keeps me on my toes. She's started getting really mad about diaper changes. I feel like I might need to duct tape her to the bed before changing her. We cloth diaper too, so there are always multiple pieces of the diaper flying around the room. It's like team roping a calf. One if us has her tail, and the other has her head. If we are lucky, no one gets pooped on.

Seriously though.... Never has there been anything more intoxicating than this little girl. Ever.

The end.

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