As we get dangerously close to my sweet child's first birthday, I am constantly reminded of how precious my time with her is. How precious this season is. She is developing with ease and delight. She is a beautiful child in love with life. And I am in love with her.

She smiles at everything and everyone. Her joy is contagious. And I could stand to catch some of that in my own daily routine. I just want to hold onto this time with her! Where she's still small enough for me to hold her in my arms. To snuggle with her at night. She can sleep on top of me and not be heavy.

I'm happy to see her grow, but I find myself watching for those more and more fleeting moments of "baby" behavior. I actually love it when she's sleepy and we are having our last feeding before bed time. She reaches for me and holds onto me in a different way than she does the rest of the day. She is very busy most of the time. But right before bed is my special time with her. Where not much has changed. She just wants mommy to hold her and feed her. And of course I happily oblige.

I will miss the baby stage. Oh so much. There isn't anything sweeter. I wish I could slow it down just a little bit......

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