So today is one of those days where hubby and I considered putting the baby (and the dog - but for different reasons) up for sale on Craigslist. But noooooo. We wouldn't do anything like that. Just give them to an aunt or something. ;-) The baby just because she's been crazy the last 36 hours. Well, not really crazy... Just unstable and insane. Ok fine she's crying a lot and doesn't want to nurse, therefore she's difficult to calm down. Into the baby straight jacket she goes. The dog? Well he farts and it's legendary and we can't handle the responsibility. And we keep telling him to take a bath, but he just doesn't listen. These dogs these days. Just think they can do whateeeevvvvver they want.

So the baby has decided that she's not going to sleep through the night anymore because she knows Mommy is about to have to go back to work in a few days (oh God, kill me now)! So I'm exhausted. She must be too or something. Or it's a growth spurt, per my mommy friend who says that's her explanation for everything that upsets the baby. Lol. Now, my wonderful 6 hour stretch of uninterupted sleep has been cut in half if I'm lucky.

And WHAT is the deal with the scratching while nursing??? Is that really necessary? And yes.... I trim and file her nails... Sometimes... Hahaha. You try!!! They're tiny!!!! And they do NOT stay still. Ever!!

I dunno. Maybe it's a full moon or something. But she's just "off" today. I am too. She woke up crying this morning. Very strange. And then would wake up the same way from naps. Wish I knew what was upsetting her so I could fix it.

Anyway, I've decided not to Craigslist the baby. But if that dog farts again..........
Stinky dog!

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