So WOW is the world of cloth diapering extensive to say the least. Lots of reasons to do it though. It can be very economical (unless you develop an unhealthy addiction and just buy every cloth diaper and cute fitted you see... Then it can get pricey. But I digress). It is also good for the environment. Less crap (Hee Hee) going into landfills wrapped in nice little indestructible packages for the next thousand years. (If we had a nuclear holocaust two things would be left. Roaches and disposable diapers. Gross.) But perhaps the very most important thing is that they make your baby even cuter. Ok so the REAL very most important thing is that it is healthier and safer for Baby. No nasty chemicals to marinate their sweet soft skin in. Ouch. So those are really my top two reasons for launching diaper first into this pilgrimmage.

At first blush, it seems simple. One of the two to three brands of pocket diapers and done. Then you delve in thinking you know what you want, only to discover how wrong you are! It can be intimidating! There's an entire subculture of cloth diapering mommies out there and they're pretty cool. But beyond that, there are gazillions of brands of diapers out there!!! It's insane. And fun too. But a little insane.

So, needless to say, my SIL and I have been obsessing over them together. ☺ We are totally partners in crime. At this rate, we will probably be taking over the world soon, one cloth diaper at a time.

During this crusade, we have discovered some products that we want to try. Here are a few of the items we like:

Mother-Ease Sandy's in bamboo. The hand (how the fabric feels when you touch it) is so so soft. If I was a baby, I'd want these. Heck, I want clothes made out of this for me now!! And since it's bamboo, it's sustainable. And oh so cute. So that with a Mother-Ease Air Flow Cover, and we have a fabulous dry cute hiney. See pic below.

We are also into prefolds. Right now we are starting with your basic unbleached Indian cotton prefolds. We would also like to try these:

Green Mountain Diaper Cloth-eez basic prefolds and Cloth-eez Workhorse Fitteds. I can't seem to get a direct link to the fitteds but will include a photo. These little guys are adorable and take the step of "folding" or "wrapping" out of the equation because they are fitted to the correct shape. Organic cotton. Can't wait to try them! (Also may be more husband friendly and less scary than prefolds or flats...)

Right now, we are experimenting with Thirsties Duo Wraps, Swaddlebees and Blueberries, Mother-Ease and possibly Bummi's. Adding to our stashes every day. Cuz that's what your collection of hiney hiders is officially called. A stash. And at some point, my stash will probably even have some hemp inserts in it!

We will update as we march on!

Happy diapering!