This sucks. I really do love the people I work with, but nothing comes close to being a mom. My job was in complete disarray when I returned and I have been working like mad with my team to get it put back together. Frankly, I'm exhausted and losing the will to give a crap.

I don't understand how things were allowed to fall apart to this degree. It's like I'm not only being punished for working, but being doubly punished for having been out on maternity. Somehow, a whole lot of this stuff has been out on my plate to correct, even though I didn't make the mess in the first place. I feel like a pack mule. Now, work is being very flexible about the baby, and my new responsibilities, and have shown their appreciation for my hard work, so it's at least not going unnoticed.

But still. We are dealing with furniture here. Not saving lives. It's just not that important anymore.